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Our Program

At MILC, our program is based on respect for others, real experiences of different contexts as well as providing opportunities for young people to take responsibility, have choice and agency over what and how they learn and develop independence and leadership skills. Cultural experiences include Australian festivals, Indigenous culture, food, arts, history and sports, and include visits to museums, galleries, zoos, sporting events, concerts, beaches, bushwalking, libraries, and musical events.
The program is designed to provide opportunities to problem solve, think innovatively and learn through rubric-based feedback. It is also designed to support participants to develop confidence in navigating a different cultural environment. Learning occurs via real-world projects using a design-thinking framework and a project-based learning inquiry approach.

Language is always the key tools for study. MILC features a tailored made language program that is amoung the best in Australia.

STEAM & Technology

STEAM & Technology are important for our current and future productivity, as well as for informed personal decision making and effective community, national and global citizenship.

Our Steam program will be based on research and project of MILC facilities in regards to how energy is saved by what ways and what makes it an environmental sustainable solution for the future.    

Intercultural Learning

Being a global citizen, it is essential that you understand and respect the culture that is different to yours. In most cases, culture understanding is more important than language in adapting into Australian Life.


Our focus on students' wellbeing is not only reflected on our child safety and protection policy but in their daily study experience.

We will address their physical needs by providing them healthy food and a comfortable living environment. more importantly,  we will take care of their mental part such as feeling homesick and homeless, pressure from study and high expectation etc.

Real-world Projects

Through real-world projects, participants will demostrate their communication, leadership and collaboration skills which will further develop their intercultural understanding and empathy through living and learning in a new place, language and culture.

Outdoor Education

The outdoor learning is a great feature to Australian education. We provide students to experience guided, integrated learning across the curriculum in natural environments. Students have the opportunity to gain unique and specific benefits from outdoor learning. They develop skills and understandings while valuing a positive relationship with natural environments and promoting the sustainable use of these environments.

This connection presents four dimensions, which have been developed in consultation with Australia Camp Association. 

English Literacy
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