MILC Wall Artworks

MILC Wall Artworks

MILC Artworks

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MILC launching soon

31 Mar 2020

Melbourne Intercultural Learning Centre (MILC) is in its final construction stage after the long 3 years' planning and development.

The premium Bayside learning centre with 45 boarding beds features unique programs designed by AEF at the University of Melbourne to fill the gap for international students to learn about Australian language and culture. 

Due to current Covid -19 epidemic, a limited trial operation will be carried in the near future.


MILC commitment for Covid-19

30 Mar 2020

As you are all well aware the COVID-19 crisis has impacted education providers and our international student community.  Our challenge is to ensure that we can come out of this ready to recover and grow without compromising our commitment to the students' study and living experience in MILC.

So we are taking action now to prepare for it and will be implementing a number of measures to ensure that we can sustain our operations during, and beyond, these uncertain times.

Our commitment for a Covid-19 environment is set out here:


MILC updates

29 Mar 2020

MILC construction was supposed to be due in late March 2020. With the current unexpected coronavirus pandemic, the construction was since delayed. The new completion date is in April to the best.

We will regularly update the latest progress of MILC.

The photo is taken on 31 Mar as the newly installed Front facade panel.

Front facade 31 Mar.jpg

MILC special announcement for Covid-19

28 Mar 2020

Due to travel restriction announced by the government to content the coronavirus pandemic, our original plan of the MILC business for international students needs to be temporarily altered. 

After several executive meetings, we come to the conclusion that MILC will be taking as a resettlement accommodation solution for international students who are already in Australia that cannot go home due to the travel ban where most of the schools have closed as well as homestay families are reluctant to take them.


reception  updated.jpg