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Melbourne Intercultural Learning Centre (MILC)

We are a residential college model for the Facility at 6-8 Spink Street, Brighton, providing a best practice care model for the safety, security and wellbeing of staff and under-18-year-old (U18) international students. Living with other people can be a rewarding experience for students learning about Australian culture and being able to speak English every day. It is a great way for them to meet new friends and build unexpected relationships. There are valuable social skills to be learnt and maturity gained.


The MILC operates specifically to create a safe and secure environment for U18 students, staff and visitors. Collaboration and partnerships with other established language providers are a key focus of this strategy, enabling MILC as a small provider to achieve scale and broaden educational offerings.


A major part of MILC’s role is to provide a home away from home promoting a continuum of education, encouraging students to progress through the Australian education system, transitioning from MILC to a secondary school to higher education or vocational qualifications, or between providers.


This is an unprecedented opportunity to provide a journey for the student once their application is submitted. They will feel welcomed into the community before they step foot into the MILC Facility through WeChat groups, MILC Administration support by phone, email, live web-chat, videos, blogs, etc. On arrival, specially allocated 3-6 month living areas and a tailored orientation pack will help the young students adjust in a safe, secure and appropriate living and learning environment.

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