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Chinese Immersion Program

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This program is an opportunity for students learning Mandarin to fully immerse themselves in the Chinese language and culture. This program has been tailored to simulate a study tour to China which due to the current pandemic, isn’t possible. Students of all proficiency levels will have the chance to engage in a ray of activities all conducted in Mandarin. Some of the activities include attending music and sport classes, Chinese traditional art classes, and bargaining in a simulated marketplace.

What are the benefits and goals for students?

A hub of all things creative, our teaching team and MILC offer all students Chinese through ICT, Chinese through Art and History, Chinese through Film and Songs, and much more. It's the opportunity to improve Chinese language skills while immersing themselves in a 100% Chinesespeaking environment. Benefits of the program

  •  Develop high levels of proficiency in Chinese

  •  Help students achieve grade-level academic performance in Chinese

  •  Raise self-esteem for all students

  •  Leave students with more flexibility in thinking, greater sensitivity to language, and a better ear for listening

  •  Take advantage of the optimal window of learning a second language during the primary years

  •  Develop bilingualism, biliteracy and multiculturalism

  •  Effective interdisciplinary learning

Goals of the program

  •  Chinese language exposure

  •  Cultural knowledge and understanding

  •  Subject matter achievement

  •  The development of thinking skills

  •  Strengthening Chinese language skills

  •  Language learning for everyone


This program is tailoredly made, if you are interested in getting a quote, please use below forms to contact us. 

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