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Presented is MILC’s 2023-24 report.  This year continued to be a challenging year as we continue to recover from pandemic lockdowns and the restrictions on global travel. Despite this, our school continued with a strong focus on learning, teaching and improving the social and academic outcomes of our students.


Some of our major achievements include:

  • Continuing to refine and develop approaches to learning and teaching cycle

  • Continuing to refine and develop internal policies and procedures in compliance with regulatory requirements

  • Continuing to improve internal operation with a focus on child safety

  • Building the number of students attending MILC

  • Taking care of student wellbeing and maintaining a positive learning environment.

  • Providing stimulating and engaging learning opportunities for all students

  • Building a stable team with adequate professional development opportunities



We are committed to making improvements to our school boarding premises and look forward to further improvements as we head in 2025.




Michael Xiang | Managing Director

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